June 10th, 2023

Sometimes a day doesn’t really go as planned but it’s still a damn good bit of fun. Even in torrential rains the crew at F1RST Wrestling made the most of it with some water logged ring bumps. Not bad for a first time out shooting some pro wrestling!

May 31st, 2023

Tuesday day dreams with the dreamy dreamboats of DREAMERS:

…Ya know what I am not going to apologize for that title it’s great 
and so are DREAMERS. This show kinda just fell into my lap as I was doom scrolling twitter a couple weeks ago and I 
am so glad it did because this crew of people were so fun to shoot.

As the skeleton sweater clad man with electric red hair hit the comfortably compact stage, the crowd of Turf Club in St.Paul just about stomped the floor of the 
near 100 year old dance hall.

The show was everything you could as for from this fabulous set of folks. It was loud, fun and the vibes were 
unbelievably positive. DREAMERS played a stellar 
15 song set (if I counted correctly).

I caught myself daydreaming of a time
when my knees still let me hit kick flips, ollies and my headphones still had 
a wire. With a sound that would fit snugly on any Tony Hawk Pro Skater game
right between Andrew WK and Alkaline Trio.  A young Nick would have skated to DREAMERS every day after school. A set list that would play great on any coming of age teen comedy.

As the night rolled on I started taking notes of tracks and, as a recovering goth kid, my favorite obviously was “Misfits T-Shirt”.
 The set lit up the packed in St.Paul fans with the ever relatable jams of
 “Internet Junkie” and “Wallow In it”, the infectious riffs of “Vampire in the sun” and “Wolves” capping off their set with the bittersweet positivity of “Sweet Disaster”.

As Robert Delong took the stage and tore the rest of the house down with his set, to close off the night DREAMERS hopped back on stage 
to perform with Robert leaving all in attendance smiling and chatting.

After the music wrapped I was greeted cheerfully by Ari, the guitarist 
to go grab a group shot. After meeting Nick, Nelson, Jess and Robert, five grown 
adults fumble around a dark basement bar known as “the clown room” look for 
a light switch so we could do some post show shots. We grabbed a quick group shot, said our good byes and I was on my way, 
of course, blasting DREAMERS the whole ride home.

Check out DREAMERS on the second half of their Dodging Sunshine tour right now!

You can find more info on them right here

Again, dear readers, thank you for indulging me! 

- Nick

April 13th, 2023

Dance the Neon Noir with me: VV live @ Varsity Theater

I have very few things in life that I really, really love. A beautiful sunny and 75º spring day, a nice chocolate cake doughnut, photography and my favorite singer, Ville Valo.

On April 11th, 2023, I got to enjoy all of those things.

After an excruciating day of standing and sitting on the still salt laden concrete outside Varsity theater, taking a few portraits of Juho the bassist and Mikko the guitarist (who we see here clearly sold out the show) holding a spot so I could be first one in to the show with my 
rag tag group of miscreant goth kids, we rushed in, pushing ourselves against the barricade.

A brief wave of melancholy washed over me knowing I wasn’t in the pit 
with my usual cache of camera gear, armed only with an 8 year old point and shoot I had rented for the night. After adjusting to the dim lights of the venue, I eagerly awaited
 the show to begin. Ever since I started doing photography 12 years ago, photographing HIM was a bucket lister, and when HIM disbanded, my dream went out with a bang and a wimper. On top of the last 3 years, between my wedding photography career going up in flames due to the pandemic uncertainty, I really never thought this was gonna happen. I thought I would spend the rest of my days behind a keyboard logging bugs for Call of Duty.

Even though this blog is about VV, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk briefly about the enigmatic and haunting tones of the opening act, Kælan Mikla. Imagine
 if Bjork had three daughters who grew up only on The Cure and Darkwave pop. Please go check them out too!

As the venue darkened and the whirring of a cassette in a rapid rewind filled the air, as the soft glow of pink light engulfed the crowd that was already at a feverish pitch.

As VV’s band, Juho, Mikko, Sampo and Rikala greeted the electric Minneapolis crowd,
all eyes met the tall, silhouette of Ville Valo, raising a thermos to the crowd before the electric hum of Echolocate your love’s synth rung out before the crack of the drums and the crowd let it all out.

It had been 10 years since Ville had been in Minnesota and we let him hear it. The out pouring of love in all forms, from heart hands, rock horns, to paintings passed up through the crowd to Ville. The energy in the room was probably exceedingly confusing for all those not indoctrinated in the church of Love Metal.

The shows format switched back and forth between Classic HIM and the new VV songs, that flowed perfectly, and the new band showed they can fill the big boots of the former HIM members.

Some favorites of mine were the always haunting “When Love and death embrace”, the pained furry of “Soul on fire”, the charming macabre of “The Foreverlost”, and dirgeful tones of “Run Away from the Sun”, the lovelorn ballad of “Baby Lacrimarium”, the poetic symphony of the Tour title “Neon Noir” placed lovingly in the casket of “Vertigo Eyes” to end the night.

As Zener Solitare again rang its discordant harmony through The Varsity theater. large heartagrams swirling on the wall and the stage awash in red and blue light, soaked in sweat and ears ringing. We walked into the crisp Dinky town air, feeling the night in our knees much more than our last outing in 2008. We hummed the tunes of the black clad piper from Finlands as we walked back to our car, as the loyal fans of Ville waited outside his bus to see him one last time. We drove off, and to make one last call back “Into the night”. 

Check out the amazing opening band, Kælan Mikla

Check out the goth icon VV’s music @

Thank you for indulging (or enduring) me dear readers.

Good night.

March 26th, 2023

This has been a project I’ve had in my head for the last few months. I wanted to do a series of images based on songs from the VV album Neon Noir. I listened to the album so many times between it’s release and today. In order of song to picture we have Echolocate your love, Runaway from the Sun, Neon Noir, Foreverlost and book ended with Vertigo eyes.

December 21st, 2022

Waiting for the snow to blow over so here is Some neato shots from the last few days.

January 21st, 2020

Minnesota lake life is life. Doesn’t get much better than these days.

January 21st, 2020

So I found this outdoor mall in Minneapolis, MN and it seemed like an awesome place to do a retro inspired lifestyle photo shoot. Ran into ragstock for the body suit, then Jimmy Johns after for lunch. It was a pretty sick shoot.

Model: Kissi Frost

Bodysuit from Rag Stock

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