May 31st, 2023

Tuesday day dreams with the dreamy dreamboats of DREAMERS:

…Ya know what I am not going to apologize for that title it’s great 
and so are DREAMERS. This show kinda just fell into my lap as I was doom scrolling twitter a couple weeks ago and I 
am so glad it did because this crew of people were so fun to shoot.

As the skeleton sweater clad man with electric red hair hit the comfortably compact stage, the crowd of Turf Club in St.Paul just about stomped the floor of the 
near 100 year old dance hall.

The show was everything you could as for from this fabulous set of folks. It was loud, fun and the vibes were 
unbelievably positive. DREAMERS played a stellar 
15 song set (if I counted correctly).

I caught myself daydreaming of a time
when my knees still let me hit kick flips, ollies and my headphones still had 
a wire. With a sound that would fit snugly on any Tony Hawk Pro Skater game
right between Andrew WK and Alkaline Trio.  A young Nick would have skated to DREAMERS every day after school. A set list that would play great on any coming of age teen comedy.

As the night rolled on I started taking notes of tracks and, as a recovering goth kid, my favorite obviously was “Misfits T-Shirt”.
 The set lit up the packed in St.Paul fans with the ever relatable jams of
 “Internet Junkie” and “Wallow In it”, the infectious riffs of “Vampire in the sun” and “Wolves” capping off their set with the bittersweet positivity of “Sweet Disaster”.

As Robert Delong took the stage and tore the rest of the house down with his set, to close off the night DREAMERS hopped back on stage 
to perform with Robert leaving all in attendance smiling and chatting.

After the music wrapped I was greeted cheerfully by Ari, the guitarist 
to go grab a group shot. After meeting Nick, Nelson, Jess and Robert, five grown 
adults fumble around a dark basement bar known as “the clown room” look for 
a light switch so we could do some post show shots. We grabbed a quick group shot, said our good byes and I was on my way, 
of course, blasting DREAMERS the whole ride home.

Check out DREAMERS on the second half of their Dodging Sunshine tour right now!

You can find more info on them right here

Again, dear readers, thank you for indulging me! 

- Nick

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